Day 26-30 Red Sea & Arabian Sea

From our last port of Safaga we have spent 5 full days at sea. We travelled through the Red Sea into the notorious waters of the Gulf of Aden which is between Yemen and Somalia. As we approached this area well known for piracy security on the ship was dramatically increased. Large water canons were positioned around the open decks, 24 hour lookouts were placed on all sides of the ship and all passengers had to practice ‘pirate emergency drills’.

To Luke’s disappointment this didn’t involve passengers being issued with stun guns or pepper spray. Everyone had to rush back to their cabin, lock doors & windows and stay away from the balcony. This high level security lasted 3 days until we reached the Gulf of Aden.

The sea days were great fun and very relaxing and much of it was spent by Luke, Louise and the kids by the pool. The weather was quite hot with even the sea temperature at 32 degrees.

There are heaps of activities to keep everyone occupied. Chris, Louise & Luke put their heads together for trivia. There was even a get together for any passengers with woodwork as a common interest.

Along with the trivia, movies, shows, talks ice carving and pottery painting there is the excitement and suspense of Jackpot Bingo. Luke & Louise couldn’t resist the lure of the $5500 jackpot and braved the savage nanas to try and scoop the winnings. No such luck!

Kids Club has heaps on for the children and their families including a karaoke night.
Danielle made her debut on stage belting out Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen & Living Doll, while David had a go at twinkle little star. The whole family then got up to sing an old toe tapper – When I’m 64.

Days have been going extremely quick and we are constantly wondering what on earth we did all day. Every one is looking forward to our next ports in the Middle Eastern countries of Oman and Dubai.

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