Day 33-35 Arabian Sea

With the unfortunate luck of our time in Dubai behind us and time to ponder our time in this city we all agreed we would like to return to explore it with more time. Apart from being relaxing, days at sea present the opportunity to talk to other travelers about their experiences and get tips on where to go and not go next time.

Once again the weather has been hot. So hot that Luke, Louise and the kids stayed inside during the heat of the day and headed for the pool in the mornings and afternoons. Kids club have heaps to do during this part of the day so the children don’t fell like they are trapped indoors.

Luke & Louise have been catching up on emails (some work related unfortunately) as well as reading all the books brought along on the trip. The gym has also been popular with even Marloejse regularly doing the afternoon aerobics class.

The children and Luke played cricket while later in the day Chris & Marloejse challenged Luke & Louise to paddle tennis (played with tennis balls on a half court with small racquets).

Quite a number of passengers disembarked in Dubai and were replaced with a new batch which seems to be much younger than the previous so we haven’t had too many disputes over ironing boards or cakes at the buffet to report.

We have met some really nice people from all parts of Australia, New Zealand & England. Louise & Luke were invited for drinks by a friendly family who has one of the six very large suites on board. It was a fantastic night and we were warmly welcomed by all.

The children have had some more theme nights including a “pirate” night. They all got right into it and after an extensive treasure hunt returned with about 200 chocolates between them. Louise has been good at convincing them that they have actually eaten most of them now and she hasn’t thrown any away.

We are all looking forward cautiously to our next destination of India. Immigration officials from India have been aboard during this leg of the voyage interviewing all passengers wishing to enter at Mumbai. We have had to fill in countless forms and declarations to make sure we don’t try and illegally overstay our visas or try to live here.

We don’t think they will have to worry too much!

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