Day 40 - 43 Andaman Sea

The past 3 days we have been travelling parallel to the equator through the Andaman Sea from the tip of Sri Lanka to Thailand. The seas have been quite rough which has made time spent in the pool much more exciting for the kids. As the ship rolls waves form at one end of the pool and then roll back and crash at the other end.

While Chris, Elisabeth, Simone & Marloesje have been catching up with the onboard entertainment of magic shows and singers, Luke & Louise have been spending time with the children. Apart from regular swims, card games and dominos are their favourite past time. David has been busy with his new Lego that we picked up in Dubai.

Everyone often goes their separate ways during the day so it is not unusual to not see people until dinner or breakfast the next day.

One night on board was a deck theme party – An island night. While dressing up is not mandatory some take it very seriously and get right into it while others, such as Luke, are content with shorts & thongs.

Simone & Marloesje got into the party games like musical men (instead of musical chairs). It turned out to be a great night by the pool dancing and meeting more passengers.

It seems like nearly every day we lose another hour on the clock as we get closer to Australia and with this grueling lifestyle all of us are sleeping in way too long.

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