Day 46 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Another early docking meant we could head off early to make the one hour journey from Port Kelang to the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Although it is a large city with heaps to see and do we decided not to travel far from one of the biggest attractions in the city – Petronas Twin Towers.

These 2 identical buildings joined by a walkway mid way up were feature in the Bond film Gold finger and are second in height to a tower in Dubai. At the base of the towers is a huge parkland with play equipment and water areas for children.

 So with the weather forecast not looking great for the afternoon we took advantage of the clear skies and let the kids go crazy in the park while we supervised from the shade with a coffee.

The kids only managed to get in trouble once from the uniformed “playground police” who patrol the area blowing their whistles if any one too big gets on the swings or in our case ate a lolly near the water. The police are also armed with large wooden battens which did get us wondering why many of the local children were playing so quietly.

Inside the huge shopping centre at the base of the towers is a science discovery centre with interactive displays, simulators and games. It was really well done and our entry started with a ghost train type ride into the start of the activities.

The kids didn’t know where to run first with exciting interactive games around every corner we came to. It was also aimed at adults with many physics type interactive puzzles and experiments. After nearly 3 hours of exploring we emerged again on the train ride back to where we started.

By this time the kids and adults were starving so we didn’t have to travel far inside this mega centre to find food from every corner of the globe.

With time getting away we only a short time before we had to meet the cab to get back to the ship so after a flying visit to a couple of shops we were on our way. It sound shocking to say it but we actually had a really good day inside a shopping centre.

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