Day 53-57 At Sea Heading Home

 Our last 5 days at sea, making our way to Sydney from Darwin, has been a fantastic way to finish off this amazing journey we have been on. We are all so familiar with the ship and the staff that it really has begun to feel like home. Apart from the many friends we have made we have also formed some special friendships with our cabin steward, our dining room waiters and especially the kid’s club staff. The children have become very popular with all the staff on board, especially David, who finds him self having to give ‘high fives’ to all sorts of ship staff and crew where ever he goes.

We decided to give the kids a break from the schoolwork for the last leg of the trip and they have made the most of the extra time with many hours again spent around the pool and heaps of kid’s club activities. A favourite was the dissecting of dead squids then the removal of the ink to do some drawings.

The adults haven’t had to look far for entertainment with one of the high lights being a show by the one and only ‘Ugly Dave Grey’. Apart from losing the cigar he hasn’t changed and either have his gags – they were gold.

A boat building competition was held pool side using whatever materials that could be scrounged, ranging from old milk cartons to empty cigarette packs.

Simone entered the passenger karaoke competition, ‘Princess Idol’, and made it through to the finals. She was up against some tough competition and did a great job with her rendition of Olivia Newton John’s totally devoted to you.

Pool side Luke entered a bloke versus girls cocktail making competition and although it ended up in a draw everyone got to drink the creations.

The scenery during the day has been spectacular as we rounded Cape York less than 1km from the coast and made our way through the reef and the Whitsunday Islands.

Our second last night a huge party was held in the atrium of the ship with the theme being New Years Eve. A huge net of balloons was released from the high ceiling on top of us all at midnight which the kids thought was fantastic followed by dancing into the early hours.

The gym has also been given a good workout by Luke, Louise and Marloesje and we celebrated all the hard work and tips the great instructors have passed on with a small party for the regulars after our last boot camp class.

Our last dinner in the dining room with our friends Rommel and Vangie who have looked after us everyday was sad for the children who have grown very close to them. They will really miss Irene, Merlene, Jesse and Amy who have looked after them all as if they were there own children.

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