Day 10 Gibraltar

After another half a day at sea we arrive at the small country of Gibraltar. Although it is small in size it is large in stature ansd significance. It's position gives any country that controls Gibraltar a good base to control the passage of vessels between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean waters. Gibraltar is under British control but during history it has been sought after by Spain, Italy and the French.

After getting everyone sorted we headed off to explore the town and walk to the foot of the rock where we could catch the cable car to the top.
At the base station there were warnings everwhere about the monkeys and of course Luke had all the kids petrified at the thought of the monkeys attacking us at the top. Despite all the warnings not to feed them some people couldnt resist and fed them nutritional snacks like Mars bars and chips. We soon worked out why some of the monkeys just lay around in the sun all day.
We left the monkeys for a while and trecked across the top of the rock to find St Michael's Cave which has a natural dramatic amphitheater at its center where concerts are sometimes held. The children were fascinated by the huge stalegtites and stalegmites inside the cave and the huge array of colours. After a long day and heaps of walking everyone was happy to head back to the ship for a swim and a good sleep.
  Luke was tempted to stop at this bar on the way back.


  1. Did you see anybody get mauled by the apes?

  2. Yes Pat, always provides compelling video footage, when animals attack humans, especially apes.."but they're so cute...i just wanted to pick it up!!...."