Day 3 Miffy and Utrecht

Today we took the superfast train into one of the major cities in Holland called Utrecht. The most popular way to do this is ride your bike and leave it at the station - there are thousands of bikes. Uterich was the home of the famous children's book author Dick Bruna and there is now a Miffy museum here. Louise,Simone,Oma and the children spent some time looking through and seeing all their favourite Miffy characters. Luke, Chris & Marloesje headed for a quiet laneway for coffee.
Lunch was down by the side of one of the many canals running through the city. People can navigate huge cruisers down the narrow canals and stop for shopping in the middle of the city.
After another long day we went for a BBQ at Gerrit and Saskia's house.It was great to catch up with Gerrit Jnr and meet his family. The kids were exhausted and happy to be back at the farm.

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