Day 1 Holland - We made it!

We have safely arrived at our farm stay in Holland after leaving our home over 30 hours ago. All the kids were great on the plane. There were heaps of movies to choose from and the food was pretty good. Alison really liked her spagetti at 2am! We made it through all the customs and security checks although Johanna had to be searched every time we went through a metal detector - her bangle that she can't take off!
Driving in Holland is taking some getting used to - staying on the right and also dodging the bicycles.Our farm stay house is great. Its a small dairy farm and we are staying in the old milking barn which was converted only last year. It is only 300m from a small villagewith a bakery, supermarket and post office. All the locals are friendly but keep asking are we from England.


  1. Dear friends, Welcome in Holland!!
    I'm glad to see you're staying on such a nice and typical Dutch spot.
    Enjoy your stay.
    Love little Sam and Laudie

  2. We are all reading your comments and looking at your pictures of Holland. It looks like you are having beautiful weather and we are here too! We found the Netherlands on the map of the world. Lucky Johanna - we think she enjoyed making the metal detector go off! We miss you already !
    Love from 4 Blue

  3. Hi Alison,

    How are you? Sounds like you are having a wonderful(and amazing!) time!! Are you? We are all missing you and we all wish that you are at school with us. In the note box today, we received the 2 post-cards and I really like the 2nd card that you sent and we can easily see that you got from Holland. This week Madison and Emeila Where did you get the 1st card from? What has been your favorite country that you have been to? Just 1 more thing that I wanted to ask you. That is: Where is the next place or country that you are going to go to?
    I really can't wait untill you come back!

    Love Taryn