Day 4 Nieuwveen - Our Town

Today we were all happy to not travel far and explore our local village and the farm. First up we visited a display by some locals showing traditional crafts like roof thatching, wool spinning and "wooden duck carving". There were heaps of old woodworking tools including an old lathe.

It was great to see all the local produce for sale at the food market. We got some great local cheese and bread. All the kids stocked up on Stroopwafels made on the spot and then dipped in chocolate. David has made himself sick on them.
After a feast of local goods for lunch some decided to take a walk to explore some windmills. Unfortunately they looked closer than they really were and after one and a half hours of  walking we gave up. We are going to visit a working mill next week - by car!
There was still time to explore the town and the farm some more. Gerrard the farmer feeds & milks in the afternoon. The wild geese fly in formation to the paddock next to us as the sun goes down. With the children exhausted and in bed Luke & Louise head for the local watering hole where we are again mistaken for Englishmen, then Scotts then Irish. The old men all wanted to buy us beers and would have had us there until closing. It was good to be able to amble back to the farm and hit the sack.

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