World Holiday 2009!

We are excitiedly awaiting the 18th August when we all embark on a holiday of a lifetime!


  1. Hi Alison,

    We've all been missing you at school already! Can't wait til you get back, just to let you know Mr Walker is getting me to glue in some maths things for you for when you get back because he thought you would enjoy it.

    Have a safe trip and make sure you let us know what you're up to. Please keep in touch with us.

    Love Taryn

  2. Hi Alison,

    How are you? Just to let you know, nealy everyone changed seats today and that was including you. I know sit in your seat, Lachlan sits in my seat, and Bailey has moved aswell, and I forget were he sits but Alex sits in Baileys seat. I can't belive it but you have moved to the other side of the room next to Jayden and I think James or Jackson.

    Can't wait to see you,

    Love Taryn

  3. Johanna says hello to all her friends

  4. Hi there guy's.Glad you arrived safe and sound.I bet you love Holland. Pick some tulips for me. Hope your having a great time.
    Uncle Pat
    (aka Val Drakar)

  5. Hi Alison,

    How are you? Wow! Are you all enjoying it?
    It all sounds AMAZING! I can't wait to see
    you again! I really wish that I was with
    you! Mrs Coles and everyone are really
    missing you. Now remember, have lots of
    fun, and enjoy everything that you do!!

    Love Taryn