Day 8 & 9 South Hampton - The Ship

Our last day in Holland and we have to make an early start to get to the airport in Schipol. The peak hour traffic around the cities is horrific (10 times worse than Sydney) so we are out the door at 7am to drive what should take 30 minutes to the Airport to make a 10.30 flight.
It was the start of a very hectic day on which we used almost every form of transport available - Hire car to plane to train to bus to taxi to ship. By the time we got to the ship we were exhausted. The kids hadn't eaten or drank a thing since breakfast as we didn't even have enough time to stop for a toilet brake.
After many hours we finally arrived at the port. About 2 minutes after the taxi drove off Alison informed us she had left her back pack in the back. We were so past it we didnt even care but fortunately Luke did some fast talking to another cab driver and we managed to track it down. Lucky as it had her Bobby (teady bear with a chewd nose and head that is hanging on by two strands of thread) inside.
The first night on the ship "Dawn Princess" was full of excitement with all the children running madly around exploring. We watched a sthe pilot, used to navigate us out of the English Channel, was transfered from our huge, moving ship in very rough seas to a small boat to take him home. The next day has been spent with more exploring as well as signing all the chidren into kids club. We are tavelling through the North Atlantic Ocean to Gibraltar and the sea is quite rough. Of course Luke's old friend, sea sickness, has showed it's ugly head very quickly. He is not too bad considering the conditions and apart from a couple of hours of feeling nautious the kids have been fine.
We will hopefully arrive at The Rock at about 1pm and get a chance to explore. There is not much to see out here than water and heaps of container ships hauling freight around the world. Most of them are along way from us but with the strong zoom on the camera we could see this one carrying huge windmill parts for a wind farm somewhere.

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