Day 2 Dutch Sailing Ship

Our second day in Holland and we were on the water aboard an authentic Dutch cargo vessel - "Vrouwe Fortuna". Built in 1895 for shipping cargo such as sand and rocks into the shallow waters of the Dutch inland lakes and canals. Fully loaded it only needs 80cm of water to carry over 30 tonnes of cargo.
Everyone had to help with the sails and rigging. Luke, Louise and Chris all helped with tacking, hoisting and dropping the sails and steering. In some canals the water was so green from algae but it didnt seem to put the locals off - they hapily jump in and swim. A great lunch was provided by our hosts Gerrit & Saskia and Marc kees & Madelijn. We had a great day and really appreciated the effort you made to organise it.
Back on dry land we had a chance to sit in the beer garden of the yacht club and enjoy a cold drink or three.

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