Day 11 Spain Barcelona

With the children feeling tired from all the walking yesterday we decided to give them a break and Louise & Luke headed off to explore Barcelona.

Although the official language is Castilian Spanish and all the signs are in Spanish we managed to work out the main bus route which allows hop on & off throughout the city. Our first destination was The Expiatory Church of La Sagrada Familia an unfinished church by one of Barcelona’s most well known Architects Antonio Gaudi. Designed in 1883 it became Gaudi’s passion. He actually lived in the cript of the church as it was being built. Unfortunately he died during the construction and attempts have been made to complete it throughout the last century. Construction has begun again and the Spanish hope to have it completed by 2030.

We also visited the site of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games – amongst many side trips to some of the older parts of Barcelona. Louise also managed to fit in a quick visit to a traditional Spanish women’s clothing store called Esprit.

After a pretty exhausting day we headed back and met up with the children to see a performance by some local traditional Spanish singers and dancers. Danielle & David enjoyed it so much they fell asleep.

With all the kids fed and in bed Luke, Louise, Simone & Chris headed to the top deck where they show movies under the stars to see the film “Vicky Christina Barcelona”, filmed in and around where we had spent the day. Luke enjoyed it so much he fell asleep

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